New Website! by Amy Lobb

Well.. I finally moved away from my self-designed website to one where templates help me out. I'm proud that I can do a lot of the back-end parts of my business*, but occasionally there are bits out of my knowledge base.** For example, I don't know how to design a mobile-friendly website without help. But this one is! It adjusts to whatever device you're viewing on and optimises it for your viewing pleasure! Anyway, you probably don't care about reading that..***

Welcome to my site, thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back often! There will be a few more changes happening very soon. For example, by mid-October, my online print store will go live! I'll be sure to keep my followers updated when it goes live. So, if you don't follow me already to get updates, you'll find social media links in the top right-hand corner of the page. Plus I just made a newsletter, so you can sign up for that too! You'll find the sign up on the "contact" page.

Now go and enjoy your day and I'll see you in this cyber world again soon!

Random fact footnotes:
* did you know I designed my logo all by myself? It only took 3 days looking at pixels at 200%....
** I even know code. It was my favourite part of my computer science class. But 1 semester of computer science in 2004 does not make good websites in 2015.
*** if you continue to read my blog posts, you'll realise I ramble. Sorry.