Brand Ambassador - Peace Collective / by Amy Lobb

Last month I made connection with a Toronto-based clothing brand called Peace Collective. We got to talking and they asked if I'd like to be one of their brand ambassadors. I said yes for 2 reasons: 1) I liked their clothing and how Canadian it is 2) I love the fact that $4 from select garments goes toward Breakfast For Learning. This is a program that gives 2 healthy meals and a snack to a Canadian child in need. Cool clothes and a cause I think is well worth it? Of course I'd love to rep them! I'm all for supporting local businesses - I'd add small businesses, but I think Peace Collective is already growing rapidly, and good for them!

I've had a couple outings with my camera and sporting their gear. Here's what we've captured so far. I had help capturing the photos thanks to Val Sissons and Calum Oliver.

If you are interested in purchasing any clothing from Peace Collective, be sure to use the discount code "amylobb" at check out. You'll receive 15% off of your order - anytime you want to order! And before you ask, no, this does not mean I make any money off of the clothes you buy - it still goes to the kids!