2015: A Transition Year by Amy Lobb

Is the title to this post completely cliched? I guess for me it just happens to be true. Now that we are a couple days into the new year and I'm attempting to make some major plans for the business, I am thinking about what I accomplished for the business in 2015. To be honest, I don't feel like it was that much. I was transitioning - from a life in Melbourne Australia, to about 5 months of travelling to different special life events of friends and family, and finally to settling into our home in Whistler during mid December. Let me just say, trying to settle into a new life and set up shop is not a good plan 10 days before Christmas. Nothing gets done. Well, a lot of family time and love happens, and that's a top priority to me. But now... time to crack down and get on with it. I feel very ready to have things happen and start working in Canada. I'm actually quite excited about it. So after this post is done, it's time to stop looking back at what happened and move forward and focus on possibilities of what can be. And walk my dog. Always take breaks for dog walks.

Now I'm going to test myself and try and pick my favourite photo from last year. Maybe top 5. Ok let's be realistic, it'll be my favourite 10. In no particular order...