Travel Time by Amy Lobb

I'm pretty excited.... in one week I'll be jetlagged, tired, and smell like plane. But I'll have a huge smile on my face because I'll have just arrived in Auckland. New Zealand is quickly becoming my second home (Kiwis remind me of Canadians; the country is pretty darn beautiful; and it helps my in-laws live there). I will spend my first 9 days between Auckland and Raglan. On October 24, I fly to Melbourne Australia to spend 2 weeks there before flying back to Auckland on 7 November. I'll remain in Auckland until 4 December.

I will be available for photography work and collaborations while there. I have already started to plan a few in both Auckland and Melbourne, but am still open to bookings. Please email me at while I am away. I will be switching to my Australian mobile number as well: +61410742689.

I'll try to keep this blog updated with little travel notes and pictures of the work I'm doing and the wonderful places I am seeing!

Until next time.. Amy